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SOURCE Seattle 2018 Call for Papers is Open!

Location: Embassy Suites Seattle Downtown-Pioneer Square, 255 South King Street, Seattle, WA 98104
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What is SOURCE?

SOURCE Conference brings security experts and business professionals together in an intimate and personal environment to discuss the security industry’s most important issues, technologies, and business trends. SOURCE places the technical excellence and expertise found at top hacker conferences in an executive environment where business professionals can gain insight into the security industry’s most important issues, technologies, and business trends.

Who Attends SOURCE?

SOURCE is designed for top security professionals, advanced IT professionals, senior and top-level executives, company chief officers (e.g. CTOs, CISOs), faculty and students from colleges and universities, members of management and business communities who are looking to connect with security and technology experts.

The SOURCE Experience

SOURCE Seattle attendees experience two full days of world-class sessions taught by top business and security experts. SOURCE prides itself on providing an intimate environment where attendees can ask questions, participate in discussions, and interact with other delegates and speakers.

SOURCE Seattle offers three primary tracks:

Security and Technology: Security software, cloud security, secure coding practices, reverse engineering, new software releases, and technology demonstrations
Business of Security: Critical decision-making, entrepreneurship, issues of compliance, vulnerability management, SaaS, privacy laws, disclosure, and economics
Application Security: Threats, attacks, vulnerabilities, countermeasures, testing, mobile application security, security testing, penetration testing, code analysis, process, metrics, etc.
However, we often mix in some talks that we feel are relevant to our audience but don’t necessarily fit anywhere else. Preference typically goes to talks that fit the tracks, but if you have something compelling & relevant that doesn’t quite fit elsewhere, feel free to submit it anyway.

What We're Looking For

SOURCE is focused on bridging the concerns of security and technology experts with the realities of business. Specifically, we seek:

Practical and proven security methodologies which provide satisfying results for business
Unique perspectives and experience into the security industry
Information about new security technologies and tools
Solution-based presentations for a specific business problem
Practical applications of new technology to solve security problems
Suggested Topics

Applied Cryptography
Biometrics Security and Privacy
Critical Infrastructure Protection
Data Integrity and Protection
Database Security and Privacy
Digital Forensics
Ethical and Legal Implications of Security and Privacy
Exploitation Techniques
Identification, Authentication and Non-repudiation
Identity Management
Information Systems Auditing
Insider Threats and Countermeasures
Intellectual Property Protection
International and Homeland Security
Intrusion Detection & Prevention
Management of Computing Security
Mobile Security
Organizational Security Policies
Risk Assessment
Secure Cloud Computing
Security Information Systems Architecture and Design and Security Patterns
Security Management
Security Metrics and Measurement
Security Requirements (threats, vulnerabilities, risk, formal methods, etc.)
Security Verification and Validation
Sensor and Mobile Ad Hoc Network Security
Service and Systems Design and QoS Network Security
Wireless Network Security (WiFi, WiMAX, WiMedia and others)
Consideration will be given first to ORIGINAL work and content that has not been duplicated at any other security or networking conference prior to March 1, 2018. Submissions with video links (see below) will also be given preference.

What We Will NOT Accept

Submissions from PR agencies or in-house PR or marketing professionals
Presentations that focus on marketing or promoting a company's products
Generic presentations that do not offer any new perspectives or insight
Re-hashes of other people’s original work that add no new insights
Important Dates

CFP Closes: April 6, 2018

SOURCE Conference holds no copyright on the content. Abstract information can be freely used after Oct 15, 2018 for other presentations, articles, etc. SOURCE 2018 speakers may be called upon by the SOURCE Conference media relations team for information in advance of the conference in order to promote the conference tracks. Speakers are asked not to give the same presentation within 250 miles of Phoenix between Aug 15, 2018 and Oct 15, 2018 without letting us know first.

Speaker Perks

SOURCE has limited travel funds, but speakers who request travel assistance may be eligible to receive the following:

Air/Train/Bus fare up to $500
Up to 3 nights hotel at Embassy Suites Seattle Downtown-Pioneer Square, 255 South King Street, Seattle, WA 98104
*** Companies that fund their speaker's travel are eligible to receive a COMPLIMENTARY Basic Sponsorship ***

All speakers receive:

SOURCE T-shirt
 Invitation to the SOURCE Seattle Speaker reception
 One free pass and three 50% off passes for friends or co-workers. 50% off passes are good for 50% off whatever the current list price is at the time.
Questions? Email speaker at sourceconference dot com